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Every day I have to live with the diagnose ……… After some years trying to find a release to my pains through the Danish healthcare system, where the only help was a lot of medication – painkillers, anti-depressive medication and sleeping pills – without any release, I choose to do it by myself.

Many diseases cannot be cured; often the only help is high dose of the medication I have mentioned above, with no release and many negative side effects.

Cannabis oil (CBD)was my “safer”, today I can live a normal live, doing the things I love. Read my story her.

Today I live and work in Spain, where CBD oil is legal. Spain even has a law that allow anybody to grow their own hemp.

As from this point, I got involved in CBD Daily Care.

Together with other specialists, we wish to contribute with knowledge, guidance and the possibility of treatment to anyone interested.

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CBD Dailycare Spain Retreats

Retreat with guidance in CBD

As something special, we offer a unique retreat in Southern Spain

All our retreats have an introduction to the treatment with Hemp CBD oil and other natural products.

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